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Jeremy Peters
Art Director

Jeremy Peters
Art Director

Eat the world with your eyes.

My role at Epicosity – Converting client goals into convincing visual experiences.

Expertise – Award winning design, Brand identity, web design, creating from nothing, wittiness, communication, Adobe Creative Suite, ideating, illustration, animation, non-traditional.

Education – Southwest Minnesota State University

Describe your craziest job

One record-setting warm summer as a kid my friend and I cleaned honey barrels. We were armed only with a power washer, rusty putty knives and the will to fight off a lot of angry bees to succeed in our mission. Yes, this job was as bad as it sounds. Honey is very sticky and tends to be difficult to remove from the inside of a million 50-gallon barrels, and let's not forget about the bees, the angry bees, that seemed to want their honey back. We continued the fight, day after day until they were all clean. The unfortunate part of this story, is the man who owned the honey factory and the mountains of dirty barrels may have skipped town or was eaten by bees, we're still not sure, either way we were never paid for our efforts.

If you weren't an art director what would you be?

I would either be a brain surgeon or a painter...maybe I'd just paint brains.