Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union

Now is the Time. This is the Place.
The Idea

Now is the Time. This is the Place.

The collapse of the banking industry left a lot of people feeling betrayed. With that, we wanted to create a reminder that now’s a good time to consider a credit union. We created a unique campaign that turned everyday moments into “a-ha” moments to serve as a rallying cry for joining Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union. The results have been amazing with growth across all product lines.

Case Study

The Challenge

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) set high goals every year for its product promotions but wasn’t always able to meet them. Previous mortgage campaigns had been static in adjusting to market conditions, past auto loan promos had struggled to combat the momentum toward lot-financed lending and credit cards hadn’t always mustered the desired influx of membership.

The Goal

Significantly improve on year-prior mortgage and home-equity loan volume during peak season. Improve on a stagnant in-house auto-lending trend. And gain a fresh crop of new members through credit card applications.

The Results


Credit card balance transfers grew 270%


Credit card balance transfer volume grew 609%


Recreational auto loan volume grew more than 60%


Campaign garnered Telly Awards and Addy Awards and 3 CUNA Diamond Awards

Brand Identity





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