South Dakota State University

Rabbit Food.
The Idea

Rabbit Food.

Capturing the attention of an incoming freshman is no easy feat. Every touchpoint in those earliest weeks of the first year of college can significantly impact the odds of retention—for worse or better. That’s why high-quality, desirable content—particularly in the form of quick-hit, feed-style articles—can serve as a high-impact method to make a new student feel right at home in his or her new surroundings. That’s how Rabbit Food was born.

Case Study

The Challenge

South Dakota State University (SDSU) wanted to foster higher retention levels and to boost its steady and reliable—if brimming with massive growth potential—student recruitment numbers

The Goal

Capture the attentions (and contact information) of an increasingly Gen-Z audience of current and recently graduated high school students, along with current SDSU freshman, by aiming for a feed-style, quick-hit resource

The Results


7,500 average monthly visitors in first three months


500 increase in new-student applications year-over-year


250 increase in student admissions year-over-year


78 brand-new leads generated from content offers in first two months

Brand Identity