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All Roads Lead to Craft Beer Friday

Tick tock. With each passing second, we inch a little bit closer to the prize. Tick tock. So we write another headline. Move another pixel. Place another media buy.
Because come Friday afternoon, we will rejoice. Welcome to Craft Beer Friday.

What Is CBF?

CBF is a celebration. CBF is a movement. CBF is a way of life here. We take turns supplying a different craft beer or two to sample every week. Sometimes we invite clients or special guests. Sometimes we just hoard it and selfishly enjoy it by ourselves.

Why We CBF?

Frankly, CBF keeps us loose. Which, in turn, helps feed our mission of An Ideas Company. So technically, CBF is a strategic move to keep us on top. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Want to End Your Week on a High Note?

We always have extra stools at the bar so grab a friend or two and join us. Use the form below to tell us when you'll be here. If you're a brewery and want to sponsor a CBF, give us a call and we'll put you on the schedule.