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Operation E

Operation E is a movement. It’s how we give back in time and talent so the causes that are important to us can have a voice.

Feeding South Dakota

Every day, 106,646 people in South Dakota are at risk of going hungry.

What’s even more surprising is how many people are unaware that a state known for agriculture has such a high rate of food insecurity. That’s where we stepped in by pledging to give more than $120,000 of donated strategy, creative and production over two years in an effort to end hunger.


With awareness of hunger in South Dakota so low, we have accepted the challenge to create a compelling campaign that will highlight the resources needed to feed the hungry AND show that even a small donation can make a big impact. With that, we’re turning our best minds loose on creative and digital.


First, Feeding South Dakota needed an online presence that would serve as a central hub to get the word out and become a destination for donations. Working with Feeding South Dakota’s dedicated staff, we created a game changing website that launched in conjunction with the organization’s new 45,000 square foot facility.

We also hosted an exciting fundraising event called “Putts with Purpose” at Epicosity’s in-office mini-golf course. When the last putt was sunk, we were able to provide more than 17,500 meals for area families in need!

To join us in the fight against hunger, visit Feeding South Dakota’s website >

Junior Achievement

Last year, Junior Achievement of South Dakota impacted the lives of over 51,000 students.

Junior Achievement of South Dakota is dedicated to educating and enriching the lives of students. The organization’s four pillars of Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Ethics line up perfectly with our own. Plus these pillars have special meaning to Epicosity’s founders as they met in a similar organization, SIFE (now Enactus), whose purpose is to educate people around the world on business principles.

Our contributions to JA include serving on the executive and finance committees as well as a newly formed marketing taskforce, and volunteering in the classroom. Of all that we do for JA, we see our involvement with the marketing taskforce being of utmost importance. We’re excited to give JA a voice throughout South Dakota to help with attracting volunteers, funding and more. 

To help spread the word about Junior Achievement or to consider sponsoring a class, visit junior Achievement’s website >

Bata Foundation

Serving those who need help the most: Children.

Bata Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates in Las Vegas, Nevada and Marikina, Philippines serving children and families in need. Their work is two-fold: housing and educating abandoned girls in our orphanage in Marikina as well as disaster relief assistance. The Foundation cares for, protects, rehabilitates, educates, develops, and integrates abandoned, abused and orphaned children.

Epicosity is proud to contribute to this mission through a sizeable cash donation.

To join us in helping orphans in the Philippines and to get young girls in need off the streets, please visit the Bata foundation website >


Every child deserves a safe, nurturing home.

There are too many children that grow up in a home filled with abuse or neglect. In many of these cases, their fate is decided by the courts where judges have to make difficult decisions that will affect a child for the rest of his or her life.

CASA exists to help judges make more informed decisions by appointing trained volunteers to serve as court appointed special advocates. CASA volunteers become the voice for the child they’re assigned to.

To volunteer or to help fund CASA’s important mission, visit Casa’s website >