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Strategy from the Inside Out


Yes, it’s beautiful at the top – but getting there is the real achievement.

Climbing mountains may be an overused metaphor, but hear us out… Without investing time in preparation, research, thorough understanding of all necessary gear AND the support of experienced team members, you won’t make it. You won’t make it if you shoot for “good enough” elevation status, either. It always takes hard work, vision and guts to get to the top of anything – a mountain, an industry, or a customer’s must-have list.

The outdoor, hunting and shooting sports industry is facing new challenges every day.

We specialize in bullseye branding, creative, social media, inbound content and video production services with foundational discovery for each step. Where you’re going, there may not be shortcuts - but there is a path.


Ready to push for the summit?

Marketing is no longer about the stories you
make, but about the stories you tell.

- Seth Godin


Discovery + Insights

Ready to take the pulse of your brand or product? We specialize in smart starts. Here at the foot of the mountain, foundations are laid for every strategic and creative decision that comes next. Every solution is a proven step along the path. Choose your gear.

An in-depth look at your target audience(s) and their preferences, perceptions and relationship with your brand.

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From USPs and KPIs to big-picture competitive reviews, this crucial step aligns your goals to marketing strategy.

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Tools and resources for discovering how people talk about your brand today combined with strategies for tomorrow.

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Identify new opportunities for connecting with customers by first understanding every touchpoint along the way.

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Is your website ADA compliant? Our experienced team provides 360-degree evaluations and next-step recommendations.

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Identifying your right-fit customers and driving strategy through demographics, characteristics, motivations and more.

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Identify, assess and create an action plan for all foundational issues affecting your site’s organic search performance.

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A comprehensive assessment of all your brand’s accounts, including engagement and opportunities vs. the competition.

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+ Outdoor Insights +

How do social and digital media keep hitting the bullseye for Armscor product launches?

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Awareness + Action

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. These solutions are the first steps to the top of the mountain. We’ll be brave. We’ll be bold. And above all, we’ll be strategic. Subjectivity stays in base camp. From here on out we’re guided by insight.

An iterative process led by creative cycling, where we transform insights and strategy into tone and style. This is a pivotal stage in campaign development. Deliverables visualized will set the stage for overall creative direction.

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Got a lot to say? Focus the firehose and increase effectiveness. This essential tool identifies and outlines complex product or service USPs, “mapping” them into easy-to-follow points of conversation for key personas.

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Once your campaign launches, your team must deliver the experience. This one-sheet overview is a must-have tool for keeping everyone on the same page and, if necessary, selling the “why” to internal stakeholders.

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+ Outdoor Insights +

How does storytelling help Taylor’s Firearms stand out in a crowded category?

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Targeting + Teamwork

The issues facing today’s higher education industry require a unique combination of experience, insights and subject matter expertise. From awareness and applications to enrollment and retention – these solutions are built on over a decade of proven results.

Social media is an enormous component in being successful as an outdoor brand. From content creation to platform growth, we’ll aim for consistency, originality and maximum engagement.


  • Social Media Account Audit
  • Social Media Competitive Analysis
  • Consumer Profile Audit
  • Key Stakeholder Interviews
  • Content Calendar Planning & Strategy
  • Social Content Visual Look & Feel
  • Content Creation & Posting
  • Monthly & Quarterly Performance Audits
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Let’s empower the dealers who stock your products with efficient, effective communication and sales information and tools It’s how they set your brand apart to customers.


  • Key Stakeholder Interviews
  • Existing Dealer Support Materials Review (Including P.O.P.)
  • Identify Opportunities & Challenges
  • Streamline & Optimize All Dealer Communications Assets
  • Create a Centralized Dealership Distribution Portal
  • Summary Report to Outline Performance to KPIs + Dealer Engagement
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Every day, your brand is a topic of conversation somewhere. Our digital community management experts will find, monitor, actively engage and positively position for social success.


  • Establish Product Message Map
  • Audit Social Profiles
  • Set Brand Voice & Tone
  • Social Media Listening & Monitoring
  • Daily Consumer Engagement & Direct Message Management
  • Weekly Content Reposting
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reporting to Established KPIs
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Know the rules, reap the benefits. Let’s build relationships with social media influencers, video reviewers, blog writers, and all the content creators that connect with your customers.


  • Identify Brand Advocates & Ideal Influencers
  • Develop Comprehensive Outreach Strategy
  • Implement T&E Process into CRM
  • Setup Influencer Tracking & Monitoring Tools
  • Influencer Outreach, Evaluation, Onboarding & Management
  • Coordinate T&E Product Requests
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reporting to Established KPIs
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Media partnerships are key in the firearms and outdoor industry. Let’s work together to build media relationships and maximize earned media opportunities.


  • CRM Integration
  • Tradeshow & Events Scope
  • Review Existing Media Plan & Media Investments
  • Identify Key Media Outlets & Editorial Staff
  • Implement Media Tracking & Monitoring Software Tools
  • Regular PR Outreach for Editorial Coverage & Content
  • Manage Media Requests & Press Releases
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Preparation is always key, but especially for new product launch campaigns. You only get one shot at making that splash – so we follow a proven process for maximum exposure.


  • Market Research & Competitive Review
  • Interview Key Stakeholders/Product Engineers
  • Identify Audience Personas & Campaign KPIs
  • Develop Comprehensive Product Launch Strategy & Media Plan
  • Campaign Theme Development & Asset Production
  • PR Media Outreach
  • Influencer Test & Evaluation Coordination
  • Dealership Communication
  • Product Photography & Video
  • Campaign Reporting to Established KPIs
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It’s more than just a product promotion or giveaway. It’s a window into your overall brand experience AND a streamlined pathway to future inbound marketing efforts.


  • Set Campaign Goals & KPIs
  • Develop Comprehensive Product Promotion/Giveaway Strategy & Media Plan
  • Develop Content Calendar
  • Campaign Theme Development & Asset Production
  • Publish Ongoing Promotional Content
  • Giveaway Selection & Announcement
  • Campaign Reporting to Established KPIs
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Seamless. Streamlined. Easy-to-use. Informational. On-brand. Anything else? We’ll check all the boxes for training materials and sales resources that educate and excite product sales teams.


  • Interview Key Stakeholders & Sales Teams
  • Review Existing Training & Brand Materials
  • Define Training Goals & Key Takeaways
  • Establish a Sales Training Strategy
  • Develop All Identified Assets & Materials
  • Build Training Distribution Channels
  • Distribute Training Materials
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Let’s go beyond booth display graphics and signs to elevate your at-the-show presence to new heights of product sales and relationship growth.


  • Review Existing Goals & Sales Materials
  • Define Sales & Marketing Goals for the Event
  • Develop Comprehensive Event Strategy & Communication Plan
  • Align CRM Marketing & Sales Systems
  • Build An Event Inbound Strategy
  • Create Event Assets – Including Displays, Communication Tools & Landing Page
  • Pre- and Post-Event Tracking & Reporting
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Streamline and maximize your sales outreach efforts with a foundational program informed by the experts – your sales team themselves. It starts with discovery and gets better from there.


  • Interview Key Stakeholders & Review Existing Sales Process
  • Review Sales CRM Software, Plans & Strategies
  • Review Existing Sales Communication Tools
  • Identify Goals, Challenges & Opportunities
  • Align & Build Sales CRM Systems
  • Create Sales Templates & Materials
  • Create Content Offers for Sales Teams
  • Create Inbound Marketing Assets & Landing Page(s)
  • Ongoing CRM Support
  • Monthly & Quarterly CRM Platform Use Reports
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What's your stretch goal?

We specialize in big thinking that gets results, always beginning with questions. Discovery is key – not just for best-laid plans, but for unexpected opportunities, too. The path to your goal starts now.



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