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Launch It

Like a Thrill Ride. Only Better.

+ The Story +

A quality product will sell itself. Our job is to spread the word. We’ve had the unique task of launching multiple products for Armscor and Rock Island Armory. Each product launch is a new opportunity to tell a story and build a share. With the VR80 shotgun and TCM series pistols and ammunition, we decided to focus on the fun.

Armscor_Launch It_2
Armscor_Launch It_3
Armscor_Launch It_4

+ The Details +

  • Numerous product videos showcasing capabilities
  • Product photography
  • Unique and informative landing pages
  • Social media marketing
  • Email promotion
Armscor_Launch It_5
A Lean, Mean Customizable Machine.
Armscor_Launch It_6
Armscor_Launch It_7
Armscor_Launch It_8
Armscor_Launch It_9

+ The Results +

  • Educated an audience about a brand-new caliber while promoting corresponding firearms
  • Earned tons of media coverage including exclusive coverage of products with media partners
  • Successfully took a product to market for the first time and generated strong sales

How might we...?

Today's ultra-competitive firearms, defense and outdoor sports companies are connecting with customers (old and new) in exciting new ways, right now. Ready to stand out? Our experienced teams knows the rules of engagement.




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