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+ Armscor

Making An Impact

A new dimension of fun.

+ The Story +

Armscor is brimming with loyal fans. To engage with these fans in new and exciting way, we showcase the charismatic shooters in Team Armscor. Our multiple video series position Team Armscor as social influencers and experts to help make an impact and engage with fans.

+ The Details +

  • Family Game Day – a reality TV web series revolving around shooting sports and board games
  • Zeroing In – we created this web series during the start of the pandemic to give shooting tips, stay engaged with customers and position Armscor as a helpful and insightful brand
  • Armscor U – a video series designed for distributors to understand, use and sell products
Armscor_Making An Impact_2
Good fun at the range!
Armscor_Making An Impact_3
Armscor_Making An Impact_4

+ The Results +

  • Built brand loyalty with massive audience interaction
  • Boosted digital engagement
  • Grew contact list
  • Produces strong sales
  • Grew social media audience

How might we...?

Today's ultra-competitive firearms, defense and outdoor sports companies are connecting with customers (old and new) in exciting new ways, right now. Ready to stand out? Our experienced teams knows the rules of engagement.




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