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+ Bierschbach

All In

High expectations? Check. Tough jobs? Got it. Tall orders? Bring 'em on.

+ The Story +

Bierschbach specializes in construction equipment rental, sales and service throughout South Dakota, Iowa and North Dakota. They were looking to build and grow (just like their industry implies) – to stand out in a commodity market, attract new customers, empower their outside sales team, and get a bead on internal culture.

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+ The Details +

  • Round-table discovery sessions with all team members at every Bierschbach location across 3 states
  • Foundational brand positioning, customer segments and insights, message maps and journey maps
  • Custom photography, brand launch video and sales collateral
  • Refreshed website optimized for SEO and inbound marketing
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At Bierschbach, we dig challenges. We raise bars. And we take ownership.
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+ The Results +

  • “All In” was more than a creative concept – it was the embodiment of a collective “why” articulated by employee-owners throughout the discovery sessions
  • All-staff launch party resulted in positive feedback and most importantly company-wide adoption of the new culture and vision
  • Well-defined customer segments and journey maps helped set the strategy for sales and marketing efforts going forward

How might we...?

Step one, find your competitive advantage. Step two, get unexpected (and "can't miss") with the creative executions. Step three, make sure your stores in always in the right place, at the right time, for the right people.




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