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Dacotah Bank

Go With Integrity

The Story

Dacotah Bank is built on rural values, community support and dedicated teams passionate about helping others. So it stands to reason that, after months of brand research and competitive analysis, they reenergized their long-standing Dacotah Territory brand with empowering messages of opportunity, community, teamwork and dreams.

HubSpot Video
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The Details
  • Discovery and development for multiple “right fit” customer personas and journey maps
  • Competitive insights and social media audits to drive brand strategy
  • New DB design mark and internal value statement cards for team members
  • Updated brand message maps and color palettes segmented with “Go With” phrases for vertical service lines – including mortgage, ag lending and commercial banking
  • Revised brand collateral, signage, credit/debit card designs, social media ads, outdoor billboards, TV ads, and COVID response “thank you” video
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The Results
  • This campaign is continuing to roll out in a variety of mediums and markets
  • Well-received COVID response messages during the first month of quarantine in March 2020
  • Solid foundation of personas, message maps and journey maps to drive strategy going forward

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