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Sioux Falls Regional Airport

The Gateway to Everywhere

The Story

Escapism is at the heart of every travel-adjacent campaign, and you can’t associate much more directly to this notion than in marketing for an airport. But what is it that makes Sioux Falls’ own regional airport stand out? And how can one tell the story of the evolution its undergone over the past decade, from enhanced facilities to increased direct destinations? (Not to mention the game-changing state of the tourism industry set off by 2020.)
The Details
  • Timely and relatable video storytelling that taps into the desire to escape shared by many throughout recent years
  • A retail-style redo of the brand’s web presence, including emphasizing amenities, experience and variety
  • Clean, sleek design upgrades more reflective of the airports updated and expanded offerings
  • Out-of-home advertising that puts the excitement of excursion, including its most sensory of hallmarks, front and center

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