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+ Junior Achievement South Dakota

Building Tomorrow's Leaders

No matter what the world throws at me, I'm ready for it.

+ The Story +

When it comes to engaging regional business leaders to get hands-on in building the business leaders of tomorrow, a campaign that resonates for both potential volunteers and the families they serve is key. Through a landing page and a compelling video series featuring real Junior Achievement volunteers and real local students, the campaign aimed to connect donors and educators alike to a future-building program.

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+ The Details +

  • Custom classroom set built at Epicosity to showcase multiple "That's Why I JA" videos
  • Tell the JA story through real-world volunteers and students
  • Informative and eye-catching web, digital and print efforts
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That's why I JA!
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JA_Building Tomorrows_Leaders_8
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+ The Results +

  • 54,853 students impacted during the campaign year
  • 2,380 volunteers supported
  • Overwhelming positive response from staff, volunteers, community and donors

How might we...?

No matter your goal, this is how we frame the question. Curiosity leads to discovery, discovery leads to insights—and insights lead to strategies that drive enrollment and increase retention.





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