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+ Royal River Casino & Hotel

Play It Again

It sure would be nice to see you again. Come play it again!

+ The Story +

Royal River Casino and Hotel has recently invested in a $30 million expansion – including beautiful new hotel rooms, lobby area, expansion of the casino gaming floor, addition of a VIP lounge and more. Then came COVID-19. In the late summer of 2020, Royal River was excited to welcome players back with this big-band inspired campaign.

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RRC_Play It Again_3
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+ The Details +

  • Custom “Play It Again” lyrics and music
  • Multimedia campaign assets – TV, radio, outdoor billboards, digital, social and search ads
  • Socially distanced production style (no camera crews)
RRC_Play It Again_5
When it's time for gratitude to become celebration, we're ready to welcome you back.
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RRC_Play It Again_9

+ The Results +

  • Well-received throughout the region – especially with the local core player group
  • Big Band era sound stood out and got noticed for its lighthearted throwback to happier times
  • Clearly conveyed Royal River’s commitment to player safety with energy and heart

What's your stretch goal?

Step one, find your competitive advantage. Step two, get unexpected (and "can't miss") with the creative executions. Step three, make sure your stores in always in the right place, at the right time, for the right people.




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