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+ South Dakota State University

"Find Your Fit" Transfer Campaign

I'm not at the right place - ever had that feeling?

+ The Story +

Transfer students are a notoriously tough audience segment to reach. This campaign was all about tapping into the “I’m not at the right place” feeling. What if we had already spent thousands of dollars, worked hard to get good grades… and it wasn’t working out? What would we do? How would we decide our next move?


+ The Details +

  • Emphasize positive outcomes for both traditional students and those advancing two-year degrees
  • Optimized media and campaign assets to increase impressions and frequency after fall finals as well as the beginning of winter break
  • Layer in remarketing ads, a robust SEM campaign, HubSpot email workflows and active lists targeting
11,000 visitors to landing page - in one month

+ The Results +

  • It pays to think (and message) like a student. Transfer display remarketing ads delivered 0.49% CTR with a $0.23 CPC – much better than the industry average of 0.22% CTR with $0.40 CPC
  • January saw over 11,000 visitors to the landing page – a 260% increase over the same campaign period in January 2019
  • 133 “Apply now” and “Get started” clicks

How might we...?

We specialize in big thinking that gets results, always beginning with questions. Discovery is key – not just for best-laid plans, but for unexpected opportunities, too. The path to your goal starts now.



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