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+ South Dakota State University

Jacks for All

Normally, it’s easy to welcome students back to campus in the fall - 2020 was a different story.

+ The Story +

Normally, it’s easy to welcome students back to campus in the fall, but 2020 was a different story. So, how to harness the enthusiasm of students (especially freshmen) excited to get back to campus – while also messaging important safety and health procedures? No small task.


+ The Details +

  • SDSU Student Association leadership collaboration set the tone and style
  • Socially distanced campus video shoot
  • Focus on optimism, shared responsibility and unstoppable Jackrabbit momentum
Immediate positive feedback from the community - junior psychology student paints mural in Union.

+ The Results +

  • Campaign duration: July-August 2020
  • 6,286 total page views on the landing page
  • 3,200 video views on Facebook
  • Immediate positive feedback on campus and off – one junior psychology student even painted it into a mural in the Student Union

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