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Our Game-Changing Whitepaper

The Five Stages of Awareness

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Your enrollment strategy is putting you behind the competition

You’re familiar with the traditional student recruitment funnel.

Did you know that it’s also outdated and wrong?

Allow us to introduce the “Awareness-Based Marketing” model – fueled by the five stages of awareness.

What are the five stages of awareness? They meet students where they are, recognize their pain points and offer viable solutions. They’re also the very foundation of student recruitment.


In our whitepaper, Epicosity is here to show you why and how this new model can help you understand more about your prospective students and best practices for reaching them. You’ll have access to:

  • Student Insights
  • Persona Examples
  • History of the Stages
  • Content Plans
  • And more!

Not only that, but you’ll learn how to implement the Awareness-Based Marketing model into your enrollment strategy.

Download Our Whitepaper – Unlock Real Potential

Who We've Worked With

Our team specializes in marketing for many higher ed institutions across the country — including state universities, community colleges, technical colleges and private universities.

Let's hit the books.

Our brand ambassador Justin Summers will help show you the path to get there. It's a journey, and we'll be by your side – every step of the way.