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+ How We Work

At Epicosity, we build brand experiences that spark human engagement.

Our mission is to awaken champions — in our clients, our team, our community, and everyone who works alongside us making the things we do better.

Our employees are empowered to act smart and fast, challenge the norm, and pursue excellence for both themselves and our clients.

Ready to get after it?

+ Profit Sharing

We're looking for the best of the best ...

Franchise players. Top performers. That means rewarding hard work, too.

When we reach our goals, everyone shares in the profits.

+ Go Flex Worktime

Balance is a big deal around here.

Choose one "work from wherever" flex day per week. Plus, one "work from anywhere in the world" flex week every year.

+ Culture Club

Awakening champions is always rewarding, but it's not always easy. Culture Club is an internal taskforce led by our most passionate (and social) team members.

If it's fun, they planned it.

+ Champion Moments

Big or small, life-changing or day-making ... recognizing champion moments as they happen is an Epicosity superpower.

We are inspired by excellence in any form.

Now Accepting 2021 Internship Applications

Those who seek greatness must first discover courage. That's not easy. And that's why we're here. 

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