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The Details

What you should expect

Gain the opportunity to see how an international marketing agency runs on a daily basis. Experience everything from project coordination and client relations to structural growth and start-to-finish creative projects.

2023 E-Ternship Program: What You Need to Know

Are you a go-getter? A creative firework waiting to burst into the scene? How about a strategic planner who’s looking to get some first-hand experience? If you want to get your feet wet in advertising and marketing, consider becoming an E-Tern. Learn the science (analytics) and magic (creative process) of marketing through a 10-week internship in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls.

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Look Inside the Epicenter

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E-Tern Program

What you need to know

Our 2024 internships and applications are live! Work with account services, creative, and strategy peeps on special projects involving ad campaigns, websites, digital media, social channels, research, monitoring, reporting, and more.

Internship Positions
• Client Services
• Graphic Design
• Digital Media Strategy

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Step 1. RSVP for Our Open Agency Event

• Learn from our team of talented, in-house experts at an agency overview session.
• Get the inside experience - full of crucial details and cool highlights - in breakout groups from department leaders.
• Take part in our Epic culture with food, drinks, and fun!
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Want a little insight into the internships?

Hear from our team below about some of the details of what to expect.


Apply by March 31, 2023

2024 Internship Job Roles

• Graphic Design - Learn cutting-edge creative techniques for ad development, branding, digital, social, websites, and more! Plus, you'll get to chill with the coolest – and most expressive - people in the agency, absorbing all of their artistic mojo.

• Client Services - Understand how to build client relationships through project co-ordination and administrative support –  including agenda setting, meeting preparation, scheduling, status reports, contract reports, budget ,and timeline tracking. Plan, schedule, execute, manage, and report on project progress.

• Digital Media Strategy - Develop overall digital, social and media strategies for accounts by digging into client goals and objectives, as well as industry trends. Analyze strategies and report on campaign effectiveness.

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Step 3. Prepare for the future. Deadline to Apply: Feb. 16, 2024