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What We Do

Cultivating Change

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Executive Mindset

To face your marketing concerns, we’ll bring strategists with vision, creative teams driven by insights and access to 24-7 analytics. With us, your business and your goals become ours. We will guide and challenge you and together leave “safe and forgettable” in the dust on the way to crushing your goals within budget.


We approach today's obstacles with quality insights like quantitative and qualitative research, personas, message mapping and a custom success equation based on your goals. Whether it’s research and usability testing, 24-7 campaign reporting, industry insights or any other custom solution – you will never invest in an uninformed strategy.


No one wants to blend in, disinterest the audience or embolden the competition. Why, then, do so many smart marketers go in those directions? Simply put, it costs just as much to place boring work as bold work. We pledge to always deliver high-value creative ideas and execution that reflect the high value of your brand.
What We Do

Our Capabilities

Epicosity is a full service agency with capabilities to meet your every need. We are a partner who makes decisions backed by real data, can strategize as well as it can ideate and whose team offers production services, such as design, writing, media buying and planning, photography, research, event strategy and much more, all under one roof—whatever you might need in the long-term.

  1. Strategy

    No matter the goals clients are aiming to achieve, our strategies are based in consumer insights, message mapping, persona pathways, success equations, signature tone and style — all to achieve your goals. It always takes hard work, vision and guts to get to the top of anything — a mountain, an industry or a customer’s must-have list.

  2. Brand

    Cultural brands recognize disruption in society, identify unmet needs and get ahead faster. Effective brands must be bold, but they must also be well-informed. We will always work with you to define the exact scope of work based on specific goals, KPIs and budget requirements.

  3. Media

    There are so many ways to make sure your messages are in front of the right people, in the right places and at the right times. We specialize in traditional and digital media methodologies that get results, working with media outlets and DSPs across the country and even around the world.

  4. Studio

    Visual storytelling is the most important tool in today’s world of marketing. Our team offers an award-winning, full-service video and motion graphic production right in house. It’s all about creating show-stopping content that gets your brand noticed time and again.

  5. Insights

    Our insights team is here to provide you with practical insights and recommendations that will drive your success. Whether you’re aiming to stay ahead of the curve or fine tune your strategies, we’re here to ensure you’re well-equipped.

  6. Content

    With a full-service agency, you're getting an encyclopedic view of the what, when and how much, rather than juggling one-off vendors. We see ourselves as your collaborator and partner — that's what makes our creative efforts impactful and resonant.

  7. Web

    Our in-house website team can offer content creation, web design, skilled web development, copywriting, blogging and so much more. The goal? Take your website from Point A to Point B as smoothly and effectively as possible in order to meet your web goals.

What We Do

Our Expertise

Financial Institutions
Our FI team specializes in marketing financial institutions like banks and credit unions — offering solutions to common and unexpected problems. Discover FI Solutions
Higher Education
Our higher ed team works to amplify your student recruitment efforts, branding and positioning to reach right-fit students and stand out from the sea of sameness. Learn About Higher Ed Solutions
Growth Marketing
At Epicosity, we know that growth marketing is about transformative communication to change people’s behavior and mindset. See How We Champion Growth
Who We've Worked With

Our clients come from diverse industries — higher education, finance, public health and technology to name a few.

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