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Creative Director Luke Tatge Recognized as 40-Under-40 Honoree

We have so many talented and revered team members on the Epicosity team. Among them is Luke Tatge, one of our creative directors. We’re proud to announce that, in December of 2023, Luke was recognized as an honoree in the Prairie Business 40-Under-40 list for making a significant impact in his field. 

It takes a special person to create people, stories and worlds from a blank slate with simply the sheer power of inspiration and determination.

Luke has an innate ability that allows him to captivate an audience — readers, theatre patrons, advertising audiences and more. The difference he makes in the Sioux Falls community, statewide and even internationally made Luke the ideal candidate for the Prairie Business 40-Under-40 List.

Luke’s passion has always been for writing. In 2012, just a few years out of college, Luke became a playwright after finishing his first musical. Little did he know it would actually get the spotlight. Since then, The Good Night Theatre Collective, locally owned and operated by Luke and his husband, has produced and brought to life seven of Luke’s musicals. He’s written scripts and music, and he even directed some of them. Nearly 11 years later, the first musical he wrote finally hit the stage as the biggest production ever put on by the group.

These production skills translate across many of his endeavors. Nearly nine years ago, Luke joined Epicosity as a copywriter, following one of the owners seeking him out for the team. Within six months, he stepped up as a creative director and has been ever since, inspiring his team and driving the public to action with every marketing campaign concept for every client — across higher education, government, financial institutions and more. Here, he not only comes up with creative concepts and sees them through production, but he also is an essential part of video production, directing behind the scenes.

Through The Good Night Theatre Collective and his role at Epicosity, Luke has been able to dive deep into the Sioux Falls fine arts and performance art scenes. This inspired him to create two magazines that circulate in the area — Sioux Falls Stage and Sioux Falls Gallery. Together, they share the stories of those in the community who dedicate their time to enriching the arts scene just as Luke does.

All the while dedicating his time to his passions, Luke has reserved time to serve on a handful of boards. He served on the American Advertising Federation – South Dakota board for four years and the Breathe Bravely board for about four and a half years. Recently he started his time serving on the Sioux Falls Arts Council.

Throughout his career, Luke has become a true beacon in the Sioux Falls fine arts and creative realm, bringing entertainment and valuable messages to every audience he reaches in every aspect of his life. And while he dedicates so much of his time to this world, he never seeks the recognition he deserves. Humble as he is about his accomplishments, it’s his turn to be in the spotlight as an entrepreneur, industry expert, nonprofit owner and more.

Congratulations Luke! We’re happy to have you as one of our own.