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University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Love Where You Learn

The Story

College can be transformative. Students are looking for the right mix of value and successful outcomes - but they also yearn for unforgettable experiences. It’s that time in life when everything seems possible. Not yet tied down by responsibilities of work, family, and bills. Excited for freedom. Ready to explore. That’s where Pitt-Bradford has something truly special: location, location, location.
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The Details
  • Earthy and outdoor-focused messaging and imagery to reinforce the spectacular campus setting.
  • Energetic and aspirational call to action for the campaign – who doesn’t want to love where they learn?
  • Multiple locations and voices in vertical video series to reflect UPB’s diversity.
  • Strategically placed paid search, streaming radio and digital/social ads with optimized, performance-based targeting.
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The Results
  • Dramatically increased traffic to the website, how to apply, and visit campus pages
  • Clicks to “apply now” with application conversions continue to increase and optimize
  • New video footage for a series top-of-the-funnel awareness videos to inspire students

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