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Lane Community College

Lane experiences 10% year-over-year growth

LCC starts a student recruitment campaign with a focus on digital media tactics.


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The Goal

In Eugene, Oregon, Lane Community College (LCC) felt they needed a clear identity and for the community to understand the true breadth of opportunities offered in order to meet their main goals of student recruitment and enrollment. They needed to create new conversations for their target audiences:

  • Traditional students (including those looking for a transferable program).
  • Adult learners (including non-credit and certificate seekers).

The lot in life for community colleges is often the perception that they’re a means to an end — a place for workforce prep, a stepping stone to a more aspirational four-year school. Lane is uniquely positioned to differentiate itself from this stigma as its brand identity is always reinventing itself — the self-identified lack of brand cohesion, in this case, can work in Lane’s favor. By developing an aspirational, change-focused brand message, Lane can not only answer to its purported lack of identity but also embrace it by making reinvention the operative word.

The Story Behind "Make Courageous Change"

We all aspire to something bigger than you and me.

A bold, audacious future that, once we arrive at our destination, we can confidently say, “It was all worth it.” The ability to influence the quality of life of those around us. The chance to do something with meaning, both powerful and personal. Designing this future takes an education where you choose the ending. Where the power to affect change is in reach. Lane Community College. Make Courageous Change.

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The Solutions

Lane Community College began working with Epicosity in FY24 with a student recruitment campaign. The strategy called for a heavy investment in digital tactics with an emphasis on channels that could be used to reach different target audiences throughout the year. 

While the majority of the digital tactics were deployed in blocks at different times throughout the year, the strategy leveraged an "Always On" Google Search campaign which ensured that Lane would own the top of the search results pages when potential students searched for education in their area. 

Our work with LCC includes a suite of digital ad assets, billboards, photography, an asset library and an upcoming video shoot. Additionally, we've partnered with the LCC Foundation on collateral to help connect with potential donors.

Spring to Spring Enrollment Increase

Spring to spring Enrollment increased 10.2% with 15,025 credit enrollments, excluding College Now as of April 2024, in part as a result of media.

Increase in New Students

Compared to the spring term in 2023, there was a 25% increase in new student enrollment in spring 2024, in part as a result of media.

Apply page traffic

So far in FY23, the apply page of Lane's website and recorded over 46,000 users — 15,000 (33%) of all traffic to the apply page were new users. 

Website conversions

In addition to a dramatic increase in traffic, Lane also saw a significant increase in website conversions (apply now clicks). So far in FY23, there have been 865 conversions attributed to the campaign. 

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