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American Bank & Trust

AB&T undergoes a brave new rebrand

Rebrand breaks free from expectations with bright colors.


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The Story

Financial institutions are, by their very nature, risk-averse. So how do you capture the bold spirit that fuels them and empowers their customers to fuel their dreams? Epicosity recently undertook that challenge as we launched a new brand identity for American Bank & Trust. The key factor that ties AB&T to their customers is their shared connection to hopes, dreams and aspirations. We carried this idea throughout the rebrand. The notions of breaking free of expectations and using a broad, bright color palette were central to our approach.

The Details
  • A complete rebrand fueled by hope, optimism and humanity.
  • Relaunch of AB&T’s web presence featuring the new brand.
  • Billboards throughout the bank’s service area.
  • Targeted digital ads deployed across multiple platforms.

The Results


The creative brought in over 25 million impressions in total paid media.


Organic search traffic, a key performance indicator (KPI) improved by 16%.


“Apply now” clicks on the admitted campaign increased 157% year over year.

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