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Midco campaign goes beyond gig

Technology leader Midco sought a sophisticated and strategic partner to share a major milestone moment for the company. Epicosity went beyond and delivered cutting-edge creative with an impressive launch.



  • Growth Marketing

The Goal

When Midco came to Epicosity, they were looking to elevate their brand and bring new life to their creative to reach their two main audiences of:

• At-home customers through Midco Home.

• Business owners, IT decision-makers and property builders and owners through Midco Business and Midco Properties.

Our team knew that what Midco needed was collaboration every step of the way, ensuring their voice was heard and that we were hitting their marks from the very start. Our goal? Use existing foundational strategies to create a holistic awareness and acquisition campaign to reach each audience.

The “Let’s Go Beyond” campaign reignites the existing equity of Midco’s previous campaigns, inclusive of “Let’s Go” from 2016. With this new campaign, Midco invites businesses and consumers to go beyond.

For their audiences, that means Midco’s creative should show that their services are affordable, easy to use, high tech, hassle-free, connected and streamlined.

The Story Behind "Let's Go Beyond"

Midco services do more than just go — they go beyond. Beyond to a place, a time or benchmark that’s better than now. Beyond to relentlessly pursue what’s next. Let’s go bigger. Let’s go faster. Let’s go smarter. Let’s go further. Let’s go beyond.

Out-of-Home Advertising

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The Solutions

Our partnership began with leveraging their latest brand research to create a message map based on these conclusions:

• The only way to beat the competition is to make the competition irrelevant by creating new demand and disproving the value of the rest.

• Our current on-demand culture has led to rising costs and complexity.

• Midco’s brand position is “At Midco, we empower our neighbors and business partners to enjoy life and its reward with ease and confidence.”

With these things in mind, Epicosity developed a true partnership with Midco. Out of that partnership came a campaign theme, creative direction, three 30-second video spots, multiple vertical videos, billboards and brand standard enhancements.


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