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South Dakota Department of Health — Tobacco Prevention

Anti-tobacco campaigns increase SD QuitLine enrollment

Tobacco prevention campaigns lead to new, successful website and drive state residents to enroll in the South Dakota QuitLine.


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  • Media
  • Strategy
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  • Web
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  • Growth Marketing

The Goal

The South Dakota Department of Health, specifically the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, aims to prevent South Dakotans from starting tobacco use and help current users quit. This translates to an overall goal of increasing participation in South Dakota QuitLine services. Accomplishing this task for an entire state is no small feat and required targeting to four primary audiences:

  • The general public, who either use tobacco or know someone who uses tobacco
  • Seniors, who have been smoking much of their lives and are looking to quit for health and social reasons
  • Youth and young adults, who are interested in vaping or are current vapers
  • Native Americans, who are users and may not know the difference between traditional and commercial tobacco

With these audiences in mind, four campaigns were born — The Last Smoke, More Good Years, Vaping Sucks and Honor Every Breath. Additionally, Epicosity was tasked with bringing their previous anti-tobacco websites and campaign topics together into one, comprehensive website.

Later, we created campaigns about pregnant and postpartum women who vape and a general dental message — Decide for Two and Watch Your Mouth.

The Story Behind “The Last Smoke”

Smoking, chewing, vaping tobacco — imagine a world where it’s all a thing of the past. Welcome to the Museum of Extinction. Going the way of the dinosaurs. The dodo bird. The pet rock. It’s the last smoke. The very last cigarette that ever existed. Picture a beautiful future where smoking is in our rearview. Make Smoking History, South Dakota.


The Story Behind “More Good Years”

Practice makes perfect. Quitting a bad habit doesn’t always happen overnight. And quitting smoking is bigger than getting more years back on your life. It’s getting more good years back. It’s the difference between quality time with your grandkids, and sitting out activities to catch your breath. It’s about really living—rather than getting by.

Epic-Case Study-More Good Years-Graphic

The Story Behind “Vaping Sucks”

Vaping means ingesting some of the most rancid stuff this side of a high school science lab. Think it’s just a harmless puff? Think again. Vape pens are loaded with supremely gross nonsense every time you inhale. If coughing yourself to death isn’t on your to-do list, it’s time to put down the pen. Vaping Sucks.


The Story Behind “Honor Every Breath”

Our culture. Our language. Our songs. Our stories. They are all part of a rich oral history passed down for generations. Who we’ve been. Who we are. Where we’re going. Sharing our experience requires our voice. And our voice requires our breath. Smoking commercial tobacco stifles our traditions. Honor our people. Honor our story. Honor our future. Honor every breath.


A Peek at “Decide for Two” and “Watch Your Mouth”


The Solutions

Our insights team put in the work with these projects, working with the client to better understand who is visiting their site with a tag for 24/7 insights (informed by opt-in surveys and AI). Now, we can learn who they are from if they are a user or ever have been and their life stage to their roles, education levels and what is important to them personally. In addition, we created a persona playbook and custom quantitative and qualitative research.

Each of the four main campaigns included creative concept cycling, landing page creation and development, ad creation, video production and media distribution.

In addition, the Epicosity team formulated a new all-encompassing website at QuitTobaccoSD.com that combined the content from four existing sites with custom web content. On this site is a collection of print ads, radio ads, video spots and more for coalitions and grantees to utilize. Regular articles on relevant topics and monthly social media content creation followed.

The Results

Media campaigns drive site visitors

Through Epicosity’s media campaigns alone, 8,100 people have visited the new website.

Increase in organic search traffic

The amount of people visiting the new website has increased by 83% in just three months.

Increase in Kickstart Kit Enrollment

Epicosity’s media efforts accounted for over 35% of the 339 Kickstart Kit enrollments in November alone.

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