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+ Royal River Casino & hotel

Take the Crown

I'm the queen, I'll let you be my king... we've got our own little world.

+ The Story +

Royal River is an outstanding name. Why not use it to reflect the experience of players, event fans, weekend getaway seekers and special-day celebrators? For their recent brand awareness campaign, our team went “all in” on the concept of royalty. At Royal River Casino and Hotel, it’s always a great time to assume your throne.

RRC_Take the Crown_2
RRC_Take the Crown_4

+ The Details +

  • Relatable and memorable storytelling with ordinary people treated like royalty
  • Custom “King of the World” and “Queen of the World” lyrics and music – recorded by Nashville recording artists
  • Multimedia campaign assets – broadcast TV, radio, outdoor billboards, digital, social and search ads
  • The symbol of the crown and robe is both whimsical and aspirational
RRC_Take the Crown_5
Start your reign today at Royal River Casino.
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+ The Results +

  • Well-received throughout the region – especially with the local core player group
  • The crown and robe is quickly becoming an iconic part of the Royal River experience – already making an appearance in “Capture the Crown” and “Royal Winnings Giveaway” player promotions
  • The “Take the Crown” tagline is fun, whimsical and laser-focused on the experience of leaving the ordinary day behind and treating yourself at Royal River

How might we...?

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