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Aladdin Companies

Family is driving force behind trucking company brand

Aladdin separates itself from the fleet by putting focus on family and relationships instead of solely on business.


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The Goal

Aladdin Companies serves owner-operators and small-fleet owners in the trucking industry with a unique, but robust, niche of financial services, including equipment financing, invoice factoring, licensing, insurance assistance, and more. The company felt it could differentiate itself through its focus on relationships — and that was the premise of its engagement with Epicosity. In fact, Aladdin’s written objective for this undertaking: build a kick-ass brand. (We’re not making that up). We created a brand that signals a particular lifestyle—one uniquely rooted in the American dream.

The Story Behind "Boundless"

Epicosity led Aladdin through an extensive brand discovery process to get to the heart of their brand - which was not the company or the cargo or the customers. It was the drivers. If you watch the video you'll see the work was designed to recruit more drivers to use Aladdin's truck factoring services - but it was all positioned as a company that "got" why they do what they do. They do it for family. They do it for their kids' future. They do it for what matters. Aladdin's new brand is focused squarely on their most important asset ... the men and women who drive the trucks that carry the products that help keep our economy rolling and our country strong.

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The Solutions

Epicosity played a pivotal role in facilitating Aladdin's comprehensive rebrand by through various strategic initiatives. We spearheaded the creation of a new brand identity, infusing fresh and contemporary elements to align with Aladdin's evolving image. The website underwent a significant overhaul, ensuring a seamless and engaging online presence for the brand. Epicosity extended its impact to tangible expressions of the brand by designing logo apparel, adding a touch of professionalism and unity to Aladdin's visual representation.

Additionally, the agency created a targeted direct mail campaign, reaching out to key stakeholders with personalized messages to reinforce the rebrand. Physical renovation and installation of new signage at Aladdin's headquarters were undertaken, transforming the physical space to mirror the brand's revitalized identity. An internal launch event for Aladdin employees served as a platform to instill pride and understanding of the rebrand, fostering a sense of unity and enthusiasm within the company.


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