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Bank of Sun Prairie

Being “sweet” and “bold” pays off for bank brand

Bank of Sun Prairie takes brand in bold direction by focusing on customers finding their “sweet spot.”



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The Goal

For decades, team members and customers alike have seen Bank of Sun Prairie as a friendly, reliable financial partner. But there’s a fine line between steady and stodgy. In order to stand out in the modern banking landscape—especially to residents who are new to the area and part of a younger demographic—we advised them to build on their existing brand equity with a refreshing dash of boldness.

The result is a friendly, approachable brand recharge that signals it still knows how to maintain balance while shaking things up.

The Sweet Spot combines “big success energy” and “balance” with the “every person,” while not having to say any of those actual words. It’s about groove — rhythm, soul and drive. With this accomplished, no one should look at their physical branches as banks ever again. The should see them as Groove Machines.

The Story Behind “The Right Balance”

Bank of Sun Prairie is in a highly competitive market, and - like all FIs - they face additional challenges from Fintechs. They invested in holistic research designed to help them understand their position in the market and what makes them unique - including a competitive analysis and brand archetyping. They also performed consumer qualitative and quantitative research for both current customers and non-customers to assess their brand perception. As a result, they're sharing the story of their brand vision - "The Right Balance" - in exciting new ways designed to stand out and connect with their retail and business banking customers.

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The Solutions

In an effort to refresh the brand, Bank of Sun Prairie underwent a transformation that remained faithful to its core identity. The initiative was informed by insights gathered from 12 focus groups, comprising over 60 individuals both within and outside the organization.

A highlight of this brand refresh was the creation of the "Sweet Spot" video series, designed to underscore the brand's new welcoming and playful tone while maintaining a connection to its existing theme of balance. This dynamic approach extended to various channels, with billboards strategically placed throughout the bank's service area and web banners, as well as social ads featuring the refreshed look and feel.

The refresh also introduced a vibrant and contemporary color palette, blending energetic graphic forms with photography to convey a seamless union of vitality and harmony.

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