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How-to videos reduce returns, improve customer experience

Cisco reaches millions of viewers with a series of Tech Talk and Business Basics videos.



  • Growth Marketing

The Goal

When one of the largest technology companies in the world was searching for a way to connect with IT professionals through a curated, how-to video series, Epicosity presented them a simple way to cut through the difficult industry language. Enter Cisco Tech Talks. A video series focused on simplifying solutions to all your Cisco tech-based needs.

The Solutions

Every year, Epicosity produces hundreds of videos covering a diverse range of technologies and topics. These videos are meticulously scripted and produced within Epicosity's state-of-the-art, in-house studio. The process involves not only the technical aspects of video production but also includes tasks such as spokesperson casting, coordination and overall production management to ensure a seamless and high-quality output.

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