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Tech Talk Videos

The Cisco Small Business Community helps simplify the job of managing business IT.

+ The Story +

Virtual Access Point (VAP) settings. IGMP proxy setups. DHCP pools in multi-LAN environments. EAP statistics on Tesla switches. And what’s the deal with those wall-mount mesh extenders? Cisco Tech Talk videos distill the details into step-by-step directions with thousands of YouTube views to date. Our team works directly with Cisco product engineers to script and produce hundreds of Tech Talk videos every year.


+ The Details +

  • Hundreds of technologies and topic videos every year
  • Scripted and produced on location at Epicosity’s in-house studio
  • Spokesperson casting, coordination and production
“This was super helpful. Thank you!” – YouTube comment from AXHEJAZ, Cisco Tech Talk “What Is Switch Stacking”

+ The Results +

  • Thousands of YouTube video views to date
  • Streamlining and clarifying Cisco guide documentation
  • Drive traffic to the Cisco Small Business Community online forums for additional assistance

How might we...?

Step one, find your competitive advantage. Step two, get unexpected (and "can't miss") with the creative executions. Step three, make sure your stores in always in the right place, at the right time, for the right people.




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