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Box. Bag. Believe.

The Story

When you’re in the business of bulk boxes and bags, expect a tough time stirring up excitement about your products. Unless you’re Helluva Container and you’ve retained Epicosity. Their name says it all — and proves that success starts with the right state of mind. We repackaged Helluva’s positivity, ambition, irreverence and enthusiasm in a new brand strategy and campaign called “Box. Bag. Believe.”
The Details

We put the concept to work in a series of targeted videos that substituted for Helluva’s most important sales channel — tradeshows and conferences shut down by the Covid-19 pandemic. The success of the all-digital campaign obliterated expectations: with full-video-view rate 50% above our own standards, a click-through rate almost 10x over industry standards, and conversions worth almost a quarter million dollars in three months, “Box. Bag. Believe.” instantly became one of Epicosity’s most explosive successes in any medium.

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The Results

“Box. Bag. Believe.” results for the first 12 weeks

  • 174,000 YouTube views
  • 21,608 clicks
  • Click through rate of 2.04% (industry standard 0.28%)
  • 18,625 (5.76%) conversions
  • $200,000 in conversion value

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