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Levo Credit Union

Credit union has successful rebrand, retains local charm

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union evolves into Levo Credit Union, a brand with a fresh voice and forward-thinking perspective.



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The Story

An 80-plus-year history is nothing to take lightly when it comes to being tasked with a rebrand initiative. But with a healthy amount of legwork done to ensure messaging was authentic, look was spot-on and team members were fully bought in, we embarked on helping to transform Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union into something altogether different—yet still the same credit union the community had known and loved for nearly a century.

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The Solutions

The promotional campaign prominently featured the authentic faces of Sioux Falls community members, popping up in a variety of video assets: a lively brand-reveal, a friendly welcome video, and some lifestyle snapshots for both broadcast and digital. This campaign captures the vibrant spirit of the community. A narrator, characterized by confidence, swagger and relatability serves as the conduit for ushering Levo into a new decade with a discernible sense of style.

The website redesign was executed to authentically embody what it means to "Levo." The focal point of the redesign was the positive and dynamic messaging, with the sales pitch positioned as a subsidiary element. This comprehensive strategy extended to a multifaceted brand rollout that included live events, strategic communication initiatives, out-of-home displays and the introduction of freshly curated welcome collateral. The result was a cohesive and sophisticated experience designed to resonate with the target audience.

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The Results


Compared to the previous year, Levo Credit Union saw an increase of “Apply Now” clicks for credit cards over 800%.

MEMBER INCREASE 2021 to 2023

From 2021 to 2022, memberships increased from 31,676 to 32,195. From 2022 to 2023, that number increased to 33,950.


Overall, from broadcast to digital to print media, Levo’s new brand campaign generated a total of 3.2 million paid media impressions.

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