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Western Technical College

Western smashes full-time enrollment goals by 3.2%

Recruitment marketing efforts for Western continue to exceed goals and improve.


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The Goal

Western Technical College has been working with us to achieve their recruitment goals with both traditional and adult students for about 5 years. 

Western’s past four years of creative expression have truly nailed down a particular path for the college — one where the road has been laid clearly for anyone’s next stage in life. “It’s Time” carried this through and saw Western through the tumult of pandemic-era higher education. Its extension, “There’s a Spot,” helped to reinvigorate the desire for learning in a post-pandemic world. And, most recently, an additional iteration of the campaign, “The Future Awaits,” started that spark of hope for what’s next.

This last year, there was an opportunity for a fresh start with something new and exciting. There’s an angle to build equity in an authentic expression of what college looks like in 2024 and beyond.

The Story Behind "Discover What You're Made of"

What makes a college student? It’s courage of curiosity. It’s a will to explore — to see the potential of what’s next, whatever thrilling journey life takes you on. It’s tenacity for truth — the passion to pursue greatness, rather than settle for our perception of what’s possible. It’s knowing there’s something more — and making it your reality. It’s a career — not just a job. Western Technical College — Discover What You’re Made Of.

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The Solutions

  • On-campus discovery sessions, in-depth student personas and segmented journey maps
  • Laser-focused digital targeting, remarketing and email workflows specially tailored to accommodate Western’s limited marketing geography (required by the statewide technical college consortium)
  • Segmented campaigns for traditional and non-traditional students
  • Both awareness and admitted-to-enrolled yield optimization campaigns


The Results

Landing Page Visitors

The FY23 landing page received nearly 65,000 visitors, which is a 66% YOY increase.

“Apply Now” Clicks

The FY23 campaign increased “Apply Now” to 1,700, which is a 15% YOY jump.

Surpassed Enrollment Goals

As a result of the FY23 campaign, Western surpassed their Full-Time Enrolled student goal by 3.2%!

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